Steph HeadshotHello Food Lovers!  My name is Stephanie and I love to eat, cook and bake! I live with my husband and son in sunny Orlando.  My husband and I are also triathletes/runners and lead an active and busy life. We like to enjoy delicious and healthful homemade meals with the occasional indulgent treat. We eat a healthful blend of vegetarian and meat based meals with occasional sustainable seafood thrown in the mix. I was a pescetarian for over three years until I became pregnant with my son and began to have intense meat cravings and finally caved. I value fresh organic and local products and use them as much as possible in my cooking. Up until my son came along, I worked full time as a pastry supervisor at a large resort but have been involved professionally in pastry, confections and chocolate for the prior 4 years.

After pursuing a Bachelors degree in Biology with plans of pursuing a career in medicine I decided to switch gears and instead pursue my love of food and pastry. I attended Le Cordon Bleu to attain professional training in the field of patisserie arts. I entered the culinary field through an internship with a specialty chocolate shop which reinforced my interest in pursuing that niche further. I competed in a handful of chocolate showpiece competitions and learned to make an array of bon-bons and molded chocolates.

I love to cook and bake in a healthful way to support our athletic and busy lifestyle but I also know the heavenly treat that is a fresh baked croissant. The store bought cannot even come close but I believe life is all about balance. I hope you will be inspired to cook and bake new and healthy recipes for your loved ones! Enjoy!